31st March, 2019 - Laying Down Busyness, Embracing Purpose

“Embracing purpose doesn’t mean abandoning the reality and chaos of this world but engaging in it more deeply through life giving action. This is the way of Jesus.” 

“Life is full and this is life. A purposeful life does not equal a life that is not without action or a withdrawal from the reality of this world. A purposeful life is being connected to new our identity and staying in step with what we are created for. This is what being a disciple or apprentice of Jesus is. “ - Lyndal Sherwin

24th February, 2019 - Light in our Family

“It is life changing when church becomes what it is supposed to be. Church so easily becomes about the bits and the pieces, our style, our songs, where the chairs are set up, whether the sermons are any good, whether the service meets my needs, whether there are things for me to get involved in…

But the Bible doesn’t at all talk about church like that. The church is a family to which we belong. A family that we’ve been adopted into. A family that embraces and enfolds everyone. A family that navigates the messiness of life together because Jesus is in their midst.” - Ainsley Freeman


The way God’s light overcomes the darkness is punctuated and fulfilled by Jesus stepping into the world, but it is emphatically demonstrated by God’s persistent engagement and grace with humanity over the course of history. He is the one who has never let go. Not in the beginning, not throughout his covenant with Israel, not after the resurrection, not today, and he won’t let go tomorrow.

The darkness has not overcome the light because the light is ever present.

18th November 2018 - The Beatitudes: Blessed are the merciful

In this sermon, Ainsley explores how true mercy from God—and others—is a completely undeserved gift. Those who flourish in the Kingdom are not those who somehow made it happen through their own character or actions. Instead, it is those with nothing to offer who are able to inherit the Kingdom. The merciful, Ainsley explains, are those with empty hands.

11th November 2018 - The Beatitudes: Blessed are they who hunger and thirst after righteousness

In this sermon, Jed clarifies the meaning of “righteousness” as something more like restorative justice, and explores how God’s Kingdom is characterised by a reconciling form of justice. And God’s justice does not match our standards of equality. This new way of living, Jesus says, is not based upon rewards for good deeds. There is no principle of proportionality at work here, but a new kind of upside-down economics. God’s economy is an economy of grace, where God showers generosity on those who might least deserve it, and at the same time God is unfailingly trustworthy to those who have nothing left to count on, nothing to hold on to at the end of the day. God’s reign is characterized by restorative justice.

4th November 2018 - The Beatitudes: Blessed are the meek

In this sermon on meekness, Jed reminds us that Christ was described as “meek.” Jesus, the gentle and humble in heart, was no coward. There is a difference between being docile and being humble. There is a difference between being weak and being gentle. The humble, the gentle, and the meek have surrendered their wills to God. They won’t compromise when the world wants them to fashion their lives after ambition, wealth, and arrogance. They are, instead, God’s hands and feet on this earth. And as we fashion the world into the image of God’s Kingdom—as we extend God’s radical love—we inherit a world that is God’s world; the meek participate in the world they inherit.

28th October 2018 - The Beatitudes: Blessed are they who mourn

In this sermon on “Blessed are they who mourn,” Jed recommends that rather than be suspicious of mourning, rather than buy into the narrative of our world that is terrified of grief, and which tries to forget suffering, the Christian community is called to bear the world’s suffering. Christ on the cross is a picture of a God who bears our brokenness, and who loves us and dies for us. To model this kind of love is similarly to bear with our world in its brokenness: to be saddened, grieved, and mournful for a world that is profoundly messed up, and then to go ahead and get into those spaces where love can make a way.

21st October 2018 - The Beatitudes: Introduction

The Beatitudes.jpg

In this opening sermon on the Beatitudes, Jed explains that the Beatitudes are an announcement, not an analysis. This good thing is starting to happen. It is gospel, an announcement of a better way. The Beatitudes are not Jesus telling people how to behave, but instead Jesus telling those people who mourn, who are poor in spirit, who are meek, that they are in good shape. The kingdom is open to them.