Kids @ H3O

We extend our saying of “all welcome. always” to our youngest members of our community and this means we have an ‘intergenerational’ approach to all that we do.

In practice this means:

  • We welcome everyone to our Gatherings and events, from the youngest to the oldest

  • We believe that we all have something to learn from one another - no matter what your age in life or faith

  • We try to incorporate a variety of learning styles into our Gatherings so people can hear, see, feel, experience, taste and wonder

  • Kids are part of being in and serving in our Gatherings

  • Kids are offered the opportunity to have their own learning, play and wondering time together for a portion of our Gathering (mainly when the sermon is on)

  • Kids have the choice to be part of H3O Play (typically for our youngest kids, 3 and under) or H3O Ignite (story, response and community time for the kids)